Vieni a Vedere – Gaetano Pesce

Gaetano Pesce realised an immersive installation, Vieni a Vedere, in the Montenapoleone store, utilising resin and fabric to create a unique experience for visitors to travel through. The space recalls ‘a grotto’ following the outline of a figure shooting for a basket. It framed an edition of handbags, named My Dear Mountains and My Dear Prairies, realised by Bottega Veneta for the artist according to his designs. Based on mountains and prairies, the bags echo Pesce’s early life in Italy, raised near the mountains in Este and the prairies of America, where the artist lives today.

Each glossy Intrecciato bag is individually painted with an airbrush technique to resemble Pesce’s watercolour rendering with respect to the mountains in nappa leather. A meticulous crochet technique is utilised for the prairies in seven shades of green calf and lamb leathers, evoking the whorling grasses.