Eisenzahn 1 is a project by Ralf Schmitz, one of the oldest family-run developers of high-quality residential properties in Germany. The palace at Kurfürstendamm, designed by young Berliner architect Sebastian Treese, sets new standards of noble living as well as craftsmanship, technical engineering and elegance. In an exclusive partnership, Bottega Veneta created the interior of the lobby and furnished an elegant show apartment.

The wall colours, floors, fittings, cabinets and artwork were selected by Tomas Maier to fully realize his vision for each space. The result is an individual interior, which reflects the house’s timeless aesthetic and commitment to quality.

The project is a natural evolution for Bottega Veneta, who introduced its first furniture offer in 2006. Since then, the collection has grown to form a complete lifestyle offering with seating, lighting, tabletop and home decoration, created at a dedicated atelier in Vicenza, Italy.