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New Exposure Photography Contest

NEW EXPOSURE PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST CEREMONY New York — Bottega Veneta, Red Digital Camera are proud to announce NEW EXPOSURE winner An Le. The judges panel for NEW EXPOSURE is a prestigious group comprising some of the most important figures in the art and business of photography: Tomas Maier, Creative Director of Bottega Veneta; Ivan Shaw, Photography Director at VOGUE; world-renowned artists Ross Bleckner and Jack Pierson; acclaimed photographer Stewart Shining; visionary creative director Doug Lloyd; Carol Squiers, curator at ICP; and Jarred Land, photographer, producer, and president of the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company. This panel reviewed the submitted portfolios and announced one winner at a ceremony on July 11th in New York City. In addition to being honored at the ceremony, the winner will receive a prize package including $10,000, a RED Epic -X camera package, a one-year mentorship with Management Artists photo agency, and the opportunity to shoot an exclusive project for Bottega Veneta to be announced later this year. The package is valued at $50,000. “I’m a longtime student and great admirer of photography, as well as an advocate of supporting new talent,” says Tomas Maier. “At Bottega Veneta we have collaborated with many extraordinary photographers over the years, and have worked to support both young artisans and emerging artists around the world. NEW EXPOSURE combines these interests in a way that is exciting and constructive. Our hope is that the competition will impact the careers of many deserving talents.”