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Bottega Veneta Intreccio Uno

Bottega Veneta Adds Music to its Offerings Bottega Veneta is pleased to announce that it will offer a compilation album of brand-favorite music this holiday season. The special-edition album, consisting of two disks of music selected from past Bottega Veneta runway shows and store playlists, is the fruit of Creative Director Tomas Maier’s collaboration with long-time friend Michel Gaubert. Maier has designed the disks and the jewel case, which feature artwork by photographer Robert Longo. The album, titled simply “Intreccio Uno,” is eclectic and open-minded, ranging across genres and sampling different sensibilities while inviting a wide spectrum of personal responses. It includes such artists as French pianist Maxence Cyrin, English indie stars The Heavy, and Norwegian producer Lindstrom, all of whom have captured the imagination of Tomas Maier over the years. “I wanted to mix different kinds of music because that way you’re sure to hear something unfamiliar,” says Maier of the varied mix. “So you dig a little deeper and perhaps you discover a new favorite.” For Maier, who has often discussed his love of music, the album is a chance to express another facet of Bottega Veneta’s identity. “The music we choose for the shows and the stores is an important piece of Bottega Veneta’s character. It creates a mood, opening a door into a particular collection. When I work with Michel Gaubert before a show, I always fall in love with something I’ve never heard before. I wanted to share that experience.” “Intreccio Uno” is available in Bottega Veneta stores worldwide.