Fragrance Launch Events TOKYO

Bottega Veneta’s final glittering party was held in the renowned Gallery of Horyuji Treasures at the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park. Designed by world-famous architect Yoshihiro Taniguchi, the iconic glass-and-stone building is a masterwork of minimalism. Delicately mirrored in a large reflecting pool and complimented by a large elegant garden, rich in flowers of each season and its historic teahouses, the natural vegetation of the park is a rare tranquil respite in present-day Tokyo. The building was designed to both conserve and exhibit a collection of more than 300 ancient objects, most from the 7th and 8th century, that were donated to the Imperial Household by Horyuji Temple in 1878. Drawn from Tokyo’s sophisticated social, artistic, and academic circles, the guests arrived through the Kuromon, the historic Black Gate that was opened expressly for the event. The brief, beautiful walk from the ancient gate to the modern gallery captured the exhilarating contrasts--ancient and modern, sensual and cerebral--that are the essence of Tokyo. Inside, an exceptional jazz trio played on while the individuality of the fragrance was insinuated through the films of Bruce Weber and Christian Weber, and the intriguing scent floated in the air. For many guests, this was their first visit to the museum at night, and they shared their delight at the memorable and inspired evening.