Fragrance Launch Events NEW YORK

For its New York celebration, Bottega Veneta hosted a glamorous reception at the stunning Academy Mansion. The building, located just off Central Park, was built in the 1920’s for William Ziegler Jr., the young heir to the Royal Baking Powder fortune. It has been meticulously restored to its full Deco glory, complete with a rare and graceful interior courtyard. The crowd was quintessentially New York--a mix of movers and shakers, uptown and downtown, the smart set and the jet set. A trio of talented jazz musicians played as guests enjoyed a first look at large, museum-quality prints of Nine D’Urso, the face of the first women’s fragrance. Upon catching Christian Weber’s captivating short film, an intense and compelling visual journey, telling the story of the fragrance, guests noted with pleasure its lush and unique scent hanging on the breeze. They reveled in the spacious grandeur of the mansion, some choosing to chat in elegant rooms clad in inlaid marble or carved mahogany, while others succumbed to the allure of the courtyard mingled amidst the flowers.