The art of collaboration


Location: Coconut Grove, Florida
Notes: Celebrated contemporary artist Jack Pierson is known for work that ranges across many media, including photography, collage, drawing, painting and installations. While difficult to categorise his art, virtually everything he makes evinces a compelling combination of emotional vulnerability and formal sophistication. Pierson’s photographs often read like a diary, combining elements of nostalgia, loneliness, the romantic ideal and a search for beauty. He brought this mix of emotional depth and formal rigour, and his ability to create images that feel at once precise and spontaneous, to the particularly expressive refinement of the Spring-Summer 2012 collection. “I was interested to see what he would bring to this collection, which combines meticulous technique with a spirit of freedom and exploration”, he explains. “I’m very happy with the result. Jack’s images capture the complexity as well as the joy of the collection".